Valentine's Day at LUSH

I must admit I'm not very into Valentine's Day... It's a day like any other to me and it doesn't phase me much. However, these LUSH products have treated me well.
I was afraid I wouldn't be able to use them because usually pink products for Valentine's have sickly fruity and berry scents that I can't stand to even be around. But I was wrong, I loved each and every scent.

Prince Charming* is already known from past years and it's a bright pink shower cream. It has a super sweet vanilla-based scent and it's slightly fruity but not in a sickening way and not in a berry way either, "with pomegranate juice and grapefruit oil". Now all my family loves LUSH's shower creams, we still have one Lord of Misrule around and this one came to join it. I must admit I only use them when my skin is not super sensitive because I have atopic skin and the sulfates in them make me a bit itchy sometimes. But I do love the scent that takes over the bathroom and your body.

The Kiss duo has and an identical scent. The lip balm* is a weird product... When it arrived, I loved it right away! It's a kind of butter that melts when it touches your lips and nourishes them, but it does have a tint that I don't appreciate (baby pink with shimmer). I was ready to use it at home because it's that good but it is so buttery that I cannot control it with the stick twist, I ended up having to throw a bit of it away because it just wouldn't twist back inside... So, I do love the formula, but it should come in a pot. The lip scrub* however, I simply adored. I already had one LUSH lip scrub that I loved but needed replacement and this one is wonderful. It's sweet and salty at the same time and it has tiny red hearts in it. Adorable!

Oils For Oily Skin

As promised in my second to last video, today I bring you my collection of oils for oily and acne-prone skin types. There are few on the market (a lot fewer than the oils for dry and mature skin types), but they do exist! And never underestimate the power of an oil. I'd say a routine without an oil, no matter the skin type, is always incomplete.
However, I did let my Odacité oils out of this, because it's just another story, they're different and wonderful but their not in the same league as the ones I bring you today, so it's not even worth to compare. But if you do want to know more about them, read this post.

Let's start by order of arrival at my house, which is also the order of the photo. YÜLI's M.E. Skin Fuel is a lightweight oil that is rapidly absorbed but super nourishing, without ever clogging your pores. I must admit I adore it and it's my saviour when my skin is really dehydrated. It has a ton of good lipids for the oilier skins and it really balances them out, hydrating the drier areas (like those horrible halo dry patches that surround pimples sometimes). It really just calms and softens the skin. Described as a "nutrient powerhouse that feeds your skin". And indeed it does. It's expensive, but worth the money if you can invest.

What's In My Bag?

Ontem decidi mostrar-vos mais de mim e este vídeo não é um "What's In My Bag?" normal, é mais uma demonstração do quão desorganizada e preguiçosa eu sou.
Espero que gostem :) 

Yesterday I decided to share a bit more of me with this video and it's not a regular "What's In My Bag?" but rather a demonstration of how lazy and messy I am.
Hope you enjoy :) 

GIVEAWAY | Clarins BB Skin Detox Fluid SPF 25

clarins bb skin detox fluid spf 25 02 medium 01 porcelain 03 deep 00 fair bb cream skin perfecting giveaway

Já há algum tempo que não fazia passatempo por aqui pelo blogue e achei que estava bem na hora. Quando a Clarins me enviou alguns produtos de maquilhagem da nova colecção Primavera/Verão (dos quais irei falar brevemente), enviaram-me também este BB. Fiquei super curiosa mas, na verdade, o tom 02 medium é demasiado escuro para mim. (Se bem que fiquei curiosa o suficiente para ir fazer o swatch do 00 Fair a uma loja). Por isso, achei que seria ideal como presente para uma leitora.

Assim, tudo o que têm de fazer para ganhar este BB Skin Detox Fluid é preencher o quadro abaixo, seguindo as regras (seguir no Instagram e no Twitter é opcional e contam como entradas extra, tudo o resto é obrigatório).

Válido apenas para moradas portuguesas.

Unfortunately, this giveaway is national because it is being sponsered by the Portuguese branch of the brand. But do not frown, I am planning a delicious international giveaway soon :)

The Pains of Being an Introverted Person

Today the video is a touch more personal and I'm talking to you about my awkwardness and my overall lack of social skills. Are you with me? Or are you good in social situations?

O vídeo de hoje é um pouco mais pessoal e venho-vos falar da minha awkwardness e falta de habilidades sociais. São como eu? Ou são pessoas até extrovertidas e sociais?



I've been owing these clay masks a post for a while now! So here we go!
I've first introduced the brand FIG + YARROW to the blog on this post of their basic intro skincare kit! But I must confess I prefer these masks to any other product on that kit.

FIG + YARROW is a brand of skincare and body products that is organic and handcrafted and they have in their range of products six different clay masks that come in this powder form (to be mixed with water or any other ingredients).
They're clay masks for every type of skin type and ailment - contrary to the traditional clay mask which is mainly for oily and acne-prone skin types, because even dry skin needs deep cleansing sometimes.

I have RED* and GOLD*. The first one (the second strongest of the six) is meant for combination skin types with blemishes and it is, in fact, a bit strong on my sensitive days but great when I'm a greaseball. The second (third strongest) is for combination but dehydrated and sensitive skin types - which greatly compliments the other one in the sensitive days.