my lip heroes


My lips are as dry as it gets... I use a lip balm all day, every day. And not having some type of fat on top of my lips is just sincerely uncomfortable - lovely result of taking roaccutane, even if I'm not currently on it.

So last year, due to that insanely high dosage of vitamin A, my lips went so raw and swollen I couldn't even eat or sleep (I'd drink through a straw, yes yes).
So I tested a thousand different lip products - these two were by far my favourite, specially for nighttime.
Dr. Lipp's Nipple Balm is pure 100% organic lanolin. It has the texture of vaseline, kind of, but thicker and soooo much better (nothing to do with one another really, vaseline is not even hydrating, it just creates a protection film). Rêve de Miel, on the other hand, is a matte balm that is super nourishing and has a wonderful citrusy yet sweet scent. They're both amazing on their own but they shine brighter together, in my opinion: I apply one layer of the Nipple Balm followed by another layer of the Rêve de Miel and it's heaven!

Have you tried any of these lip balms? Which is your favourite lip balm ever?

Acne Night routine (with | AD


Este domingo trago-vos um vídeo sobre um assunto que tenho abordado bastante no blogue: ACNE. Criei recentemente duas rotinas, uma mais carita e outra mais low-cost. E, desta vez, juntei-me à parafarmácia para vos mostrar uma rotina completa de produtos de farmácia e bastante acessível - alguns destes produtos já estão com 25% de desconto devido à promoção natalícia da loja, mas TODOS estarão com 25% de desconto a partir de amanhã (de dia 23 a dia 29).

Já usam algum destes produtos? Quais os vossos tratamentos de acne preferidos?

List of products mentioned: 

This Sunday I'm bringing you a video about a subject I've been talking about a lot lately: ACNE.
I recently created two acne-routines, one high end and the other one low-cost. And, this time, I got together with the Portuguese parapharmacy to show you a complete routine of french pharmacy skincare products - some of these are already with 25% off due to their Christmas promotion but the rest of them will also be with 25% off tomorrow (from the 23th to the 29th). They do ship internationally and the shipping is FREE when you spend 90€.

Have you used any of these products? Which are your favourite acne products?

* Gently offered by the store for the purpose of the video but I chose the products and had tested them all beforehand so I genuinely believe in them and that they're the best you can get pharmacy-wise

Have Yourself a LUSHIE Little Christmas


Ain't nothing sweeter than getting home to a LUSH package. And when it's a LUSH Christmas package, it's just all the better.
Last year, I got some sweet things and went back for seconds, check them out here because some of them are also available this year (and yes, I'm going back for that Yog Nog soap, yes I am). So I'll maybe do a second LUSH Xmas post after I go there on Friday and indulge a little.

So first we have the Lord of Misrule Shower Cream*, that's a Halloween product that stayed over for Christmas. It's a lovely green-tinted shower milk that cleanses thoroughly even though it doesn't lather up much. Now, it still has SLS so I won't apply if my skin is specially freaking out but other than that it's great. 

Then we have the Fairy Dust Dusting Powder*, which you can apply on your body and linen.  It shares a scent with the best seller Snow Fairy shower gel but it's frankly a bit too tutti-frutti for me (literally, it's a very sweet and fruity scent). So I am going to re-gift it to a friend but I love the idea and if you like those type of scents, you'll get along with this just fine. 

Be Whichever YOU You Wanna Be

It's about time to talk about the pressure of the #nomakeupselfie. What is your opinion on the matter?

Está na altura de falarmos sobre a pressão da #nomakeupselfie. Qual é a vossa opinião sobre o assunto?

Daniel Sandler: the liquid blushes


I come to you today to talk about the Daniel Sandler Watercolor Fluid Blushers (yes, fluid, as fluid as they come). These two were featured in my September Favourites video and I still can't put them down - and I want so MANY MORE colours!
These are Cherub, the adorable rosey-pink, and Trip, the orange that is the brighter it could ever be and drives me insane - it doesn't turn your cheek orange, though, it's very fluid so you create a very sheer orange tint.
They are soooo pigmented it's crazy, one drop will be enough (and sometimes even more than) for both cheeks. Super easy to blend and so freaking long lasting, untouchable really. They're the most long lasting blushes I own, to be honest (more than the Tarte ones even).

50 Random Facts About Me


Yesterday I uploaded a more personal video where I tell you 50 random facts about me (some of them weird ahah). Tell me if you enjoy these type of videos!

Ontem saiu um vídeo mais pessoal, por isso não percam 50 coisas (algumas estranhas ahah) sobre mim). E digam-me se gostam deste tipo de vídeos!

AVON Big False Lash (+Giveaway)


Hoje venho-vos falar de uma nova máscara de pestanas que ando a usar. Vocês sabem que sou muito esquisita com máscaras (porque sou mais que fiel à minha Telescopic e a minhas pestanas são muito fraquinhas) e é por isso que não falo muito deste tipo de produtos... No entanto, gostei imenso deste último lançamento da AVON.

Confesso que, quando a abri e vi a escova, não estava muito confiante, mas fiquei surpreendida pela positiva. A Big False Lash* é uma máscara com fibras de muitos tamanhos diferentes que conferem o volume às pestanas. Normalmente este tipo de tecnologia é mais irritante para os olhos mais sensíveis mas eu, tendo conjuntivite alérgica e tudo, não sinto grande diferença das máscaras normais.

Acho que conseguem ver a grande mudança entre as pestanas sem e com máscara, realmente tem sido das minhas máscaras preferidas.

Entretanto, tenho 3 destas máscaras para sortear entre vocês. Tudo o que têm de fazer é pensar numa frase criativa que inclua as palavras "AVON" e "pestanas falsas" e depois preencher o quadro abaixo.

Já experimentaram esta máscara? E qual é a vossa preferida de TODOS os tempos? :) 

Today I'm talking to you about the mascara I've been using lately. You know I'm very picky when it comes to mascaras (because I'm super loyal to the Telescopic and my lashes are also very weak) so I don't usually talk much about this type of product... However, I loved this recent AVON launch.

I must admit that when I opened the package and saw the big brush I was not confident but I was positively surprised. Big False Lash* has tons of different sized fibers that give your lashes amazing volume. This type of technology is usually a bit more irritating to the more sensitive eyes but I didn't notice much difference on my eyes with allergic conjuntivitis. 

I think you can pretty much see the difference between my lashes with and without this mascara, it really has been one of favourite mascaras.

(The giveaway is for Portuguese addresses only though, I'm so so sorry.)
Have you tried this? What is your favourite mascara EVER? :)