September Favourites

Check out my September Favourites and definitely tell me yours - I'm always on the lookout for good products! 

Vejam os meus produtos preferidos do mês e digam-me os vossos - estou sempre à procura de novos produtos maravilhosos! 

The Popping Lip Edit


As you must know by my hair... This post is old! It's actually been on draft since June I think (oh I'm such a bad blogger).
Anyway, here we go... If you haven't seen the other lip edits I've published, check out The Spring Pastel Lip Edit and The Red Lip Edit.

MAC's Candy Yum Yum (1) is a matte lipstick. Its shade is a cold and blue-toned neon pink (I mean, really neon, the photo doesn't quite translate it but it's NEON). It's comfortable on the lip and not too drying, also easy to apply. It may need a bit more care throughout the day though so it doesn't go patchy since it is super opaque.

Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in A-Go-Go (2) is a unique bright orange that is suuuuuper matte! It's a creamy liquid lipstick that dries a kind of powdery matte actually. It's a bit drying but nothing over the top and it has legit staying power.

the UPS and DOWNS of the pixie cut

I bring you today my new video about my pixie cut. I know a lot of women think at least once in their lives what it would be like to cut their hair super short (even if it's out of desperation ahah) - I definitely had it on my bucket list but was scared it wouldn't be a good look on me and, above all, that my curly hair wouldn't be manageable. But I made it! And I am in love with the pixie cut right now, so let me tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of this hair style.

Hoje trago-vos o meu novo vídeo sobre o corte "à joãozinho". Eu sei que imensas mulheres já pensaram pelo menos uma vez em cortar o cabelo mesmo curto (nem que seja por desespero ahah) - eu tinha isto na minha bucket list mas sempre tive medo que não me ficasse bem e que, acima de tudo, com o meu cabelo encaracolado, não fosse fácil de controlar. Mas acabei por cortar! E agora estou apaixonada pelo corte, por isso falo-vos hoje sobre as vantagens e desvantagens deste estilo de cabelo.

the LUSH pot trio


So Lush is a brand that needs no introduction around here. right? (Check out all the lush products I've reviewed here.) So I'll get right to the point:

Rub Rub Rub* is a "shower scrub" - expression I didn't quite understand until I tried it. Well, let me tell you, the grains are large and somewhat harsh, which I deeply appreciate. But the base is a kind of gooey gel... It's the perfect product to apply before shaving: the grains leave your skin super soft and get rid of the unwanted dead cells and, when you wash it off a bit, they vanish, leaving behind the gooey texture that is ideal for the razor to glide over.

Ocean Salt*, however, is a more traditional scrub. Equally perfect and maybe more precise, with no film behind and quickly dissolving with water. It says though that it's for face and body and I would NOT recommend it to be used on any face ever, it's too abrasive. I honestly do not believe any scrub is good for both body and face because it's either too harsh for face or too gentle for body.

the acne-prone skin menu (low-cost)


Last week, I brought you my skincare routine for acne-prone and oily skin types - which I have been using a lot lately. However, it was a pricey, rather high end one and not very budget-friendly (specially if you're considering a haul). So I'll give you my low cost options for acne skincare - which aren't all that inferior honestly (the only thing I really miss here is the Luna oil, the only one I can't find a substitute for).
(I apologize for not using my own photo, but I do not currently have all of these with me. Some of these I have used in the past and no longer have the bottles, everything I've ever reviewed will be properly linked.)

So, to start with, we cleanse with the ClearCalm Cleansing Clay by REN (that I mentioned here). It's a kind of cream clay that is not as purifying as the Tata Harper cleanser, but veryyy gentle, sulfate-free and has no foaming agents. Your skin will be baby soft and pretty calm.

We follow up with a mask (and if you want to double mask, I will ALWAYS support you - a good first exfoliating mask is, of course, the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, mentioned here). And the actual mask I speak of is actually one of my all-time favourites, the LUSH Cupcake (complete review here and spoken of in the last video). It's a purifying mask that will not strip your skin of its essential oils and will even nourish it further - smells of delicious, decadent chocolate, very luxurious, and it calms teenage skin and adult skin that don't seem to want to grow up like mine.

SISLEY Phyto Twist Eye & Lip


I've gotten these beauties a while ago so I first want to apologize for taking so long to review them, sorry! But let's go:

The Phyto-Lip Twist* I have is in the shade #2 Baby and it's a no-nonsense natural pink that's sheer and soft, very usable. It's creamy and I actually compare it to the Revlon Lip Butters (three of which I mentioned here, please appreciate the massive change in my hair), though they're less tacky and more comfortable, not emphasising dry patches as much. I approve! (And I might just go on and get some extra shades.)

The Phyto-Eye Twists* are in the shades #1 Topaze and #7 Havana, a golden bronze (which is a bit different live due to some dark silver reflexes that make it a bit colder and greyer than on the photo) and a low-on-reflexes dark brown. I was super excited about #1 because it is just the perfect taupe-y bronze (lovely on blue eyes).
They're super comfortable and easy to apply and smoke, but you do need a strong primer for them otherwise they will melt on you (#1 more than #7 though).

Have you tried any of these?
What do you think of the Sisley Paris makeup range, any recommendation? 

the acne-prone skin menu


A while ago, I wrote a post about my go-to routine for dehydrated skin... And today I bring you my routine for acne-prone and sensitive skin (no astringent or drying anything here).
This menu has been saving my skin lately because it's been acting really stupid:

After makeup is already off, I started by cleansing with the beautiful Purifying Cleanser by Tata Harper, which I'd kind of been avoiding for ages because I was scared it would dry out my skin too much - but feat not! It's a kind of jelly texture (very similar to the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, which I spoke of here) but, when you spread it out on damp (not wet!) skin, it turns into a very light oil that is quickly removed with water without a single trace of product (unlike the Oskia, which I feel demands a cloth and still leaves a very subtle film). It's fresh but not alcohol/astringent-fresh, just a nice clean and peaceful freshness. I recommend it to every single person with acne-prone, combination and oily skin types, specially at night. It is a bit like the REN ClearCalm Cleansing Clay (which I spoke of here) but more fresh and purifying - a bit better in my book, but if you're in a budget the REN one is also amazing.