The Youth Lab SPF Team

I am back. So sorry for the long hiatus. Wasn't intentional but life gets in the way.

So here we go! Youth Lab has been a brand I have consistently been impressed by. No shame, no lie.
A while back they contacted me about their #solares366 and they sent me this trio.

You must already recognise the Daily Sunscreen Gel Cream SPF 50+* because I've went on and on about this in one of my favourites videos. And it is, to date, my favourite daily sunscreen. It says it's for oily skin types, but I believe it's marketed that way because it is a gel-cream, because it's not drying, mattifying, astringent or anything. It does not exacerbate sebum production, which is GREAT. But also doesn't stop it so it's not drying and I believe dry skin people could use this (though there is a version for dry skin types, which must be thicker and more emollient).
It has a little color, which is very pale, thank you very much. But it's also sheer enough that my tan sister uses it and doesn't complain about it. I think the tint here (shown above) is just to cover the white in the usual spfs so you don't get that white cast when you apply it. LOVE it. Excellent formula, protects veeeery well and the scent is also lovely. 

The Oil Free Compact Cream SPF 50* is in the shade medium (there is a darker shade but no lighter one *insert sad face*). So I offered this to my sis but she absolutely adores it. Offers light coverage but it's perfect on light makeup days. Again, maybe marketed to oily skin because it's oil-free but it suits dry skin types like my sister's very well, I think the texture even helps hide the patchiness and such.

The Body Guard SPF 30 spray* is just lovely. Not enough for me for the beach (need me some SPF 50+ for me) but perfectly good for a daily sunscreen - light and fast absorbing, not sticky or oily. Good is good!  

Summing up: well, first, do WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY SINGLE DAY! Because that's what this movement and hashtag are all about #sunscreen366.
Secondly, Youth Lab spf products are beyond amazing, specially for daily usage!
And I've tried samples from other products by this brand and they are wow. Not one of them has disappointed.
Have you tried Youth Lab? And, most importantly, do you use SPF everyday? 

* PR Sample

Glowing Skin Menu

So today there is a very special tutorial on the channel that is all about that glowy skin. So I thought I'd also give your a little skincare menu so you can shine both from within and from the outside.

Let's started with cleansing and I definitely recommend the Oskia Renaissance Cleanser - my 4th bottle just fyi. It's a jelly cleanser that turns into oil when it touches the skin and then emulsifies with water (though I prefer to use a flannel to remove it). It nourishes the skin while the gentle acids plump it up and leave it supple and glowy. Also perfect for acne-prone skin types, in case you're wondering, because it's very gentle and non-clogging.

You can then double-mask (which I almost always do) using first the exfoliating Resurfacing Mask by Tata Harper - again, very very gentle, so suitable for acne and sensitive skin types; yet super effective. Then double up with Sisley's Black Rose Cream Mask which is WOW. It is nourishing and leaves your skin super light and supple and soft with a really nice glow that does not clog pores.

Follow that up with a mild exfoliating toner, such as Pixi's Glow Tonic - no need to say much about this. It's kind of affordable and it works, it's no miracle wonder but it does work. Double serum, first with Sunday Riley's Good Genes, which is lightly exfoliating (some people do react to this, I'm assuming it's the lactic acid, but it actually works very well with me and it doesn't tingle or anything; this is my third sample, will buy full size if I don't get another sample in a Goodie Bag or something). Then introduce Caudalie's Vinoperfect serum which is anti-spot and anti-oxidant so it works to lighten your skin's blemishes and also protects your skin from the world basically.

Oil it up with Odacité's Gt + L for an extra radiance kick - powerful lemon scent that will make you feel all spruced up and it does the same for your skin. And finally, seal all that up with Sunday Riley's Tidal Brightening Cream: with a fresh summery scent and a melting gel texture TO. DIE. FOR. It's comfortable and effective, has papaya enzymes that smooth and brighten your skin and also a somewhat silicone-y texture that evens out pores (but not too silicone-y that it feels like it's just sitting there and not doing nuttin). Also SUPER hydrating so gives your skin that nice gleam.

And that is pretty much it! You can pick and choose what you wanna wear or just go all in but these will definitely work on sensitive and acne-prone skin types, as well as any other skin types (if you're extra sensitive to acids though, be careful and maybe sample before you buy).

Have you tried any of these? Which are your favourite go-to products for a glowy effect?

Spring Favourites

Aaaand we're back with the seasonly favourites. 
Hair, skincare, makeup and tv shows!

See you at the end of Summer for another one. 
And next week for the Chatty Summer Tutorial!

E estamos de voltaaaa com os favoritos da estação.
Cabelo, pele, maquilhagem e séries!

Voltamos depois no fim do Verão com mais.
E vejo-vos na próxima semana com o Chatty Summer Tutorial!

PASSATEMPO Mini-facial Perfumes & Companhia

A Perfumes & Companhia e eu juntamo-vos esta semana para vos oferecer um tratamento facial na loja do Chiado.

"Um serviço de tratamento de estética facial, que hidrata, regenera e embeleza a pele do seu rosto."


O passatempo decorrerá esta semana e terá 3 vencedores. Estes vencedores terão que se deslocar depois à loja Perfumes & Companhia do Chiado durante a próxima semana (20-26 de Junho) para usufruir do serviço de tratamento de pele.

O passatempo acaba na sexta-feira (dia 17 de Junho) para apurar as vencedoras e ter as respostas das mesma a tempo de marcar o tratamento.

Por isso, para participar, preencham o quadrinho abaixo! E boa sorte!

Sorry, Portugal only.

How I Cover My Acne With Skin | AD

Last night's video is popping! It was in collaboration with the Portuguese online parapharmacy SKIN and they are actually offering a 20-25% discount on the products I used from their store, which were:

So check out the video and also remember Skin are offering other promos from 20% to 50% in other products so you can always pair these with something else. And they do ship worldwide and shipping is free when you spend 90€. Honestly, you cannot compete with these prices anywhere (except maybe France). So do enjoy!

O vídeo tem legendas em Português, basta clicar no botão CC na barra do vídeo.
O vídeo de ontem está aqui! Foi em colaboração com a SKIN e eles estão a oferecer 20-25% de desconto nos produtos que usei da loja deles, que foram:

Por isso, vejam o vídeo e lembrem-se que esta é a semana Blogger's Choice e eles têm mais descontos noutros produtos de 20% a 50%. Já devem saber que os portes são grátis a partir dos 30€ e honestamente vale a pena comprar em stock porque com estes preços não dá para competir. Aproveitem!

Busting Beauty Myths Again

Let's talk about beauty myths again. Some of which, sadly, a lot of people still believe! And loads of them are fed to us by brands that just want to sell!

Voltamos a falar sobre mitos de beleza nos quais, infelizmente, ainda muita gente acredita! E muitos deles são-nos ditos mesmo pelas marcas de beleza para vender!

GIVEAWAY | Corine de Farme Leite de Corpo

E, como final passatempo de aniversário, tenho ainda 4 destes leites corporais para vos oferecer*. 

Tudo o que têm de fazer é preencher o quadro abaixo.
É um leite muito fluído e nada gorduroso, apesar de dizer untuoso. Não será o suficiente para peles extremamente secas tipo lagarto (tipo a minha das pernas), mas é óptimo para peles normais a secas porque absorve muito rapidamente e não cola nem suja.
E pode ser usado também no rosto pelas peles mais normais, desde que não sejam sensíveis a fragrância.

E ainda podem participar nos passatempos ColourPop e Caudalie.

This giveaway sadly is national.
But you can still enter the ColourPop one :) 

*Giveaway sponsored by the brand and they also sent me one sample to review